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Updated: 24/09/2006


China 2000 Olympics

"Under the approval of State Sport General Administration of China, China National Philatelic Corporation entrusted Australia Post to issue a set of Personalized Stamps to commemorate the glorious achievements that the Chinese Athletes had made during the Olympic Games" This is taken from the back of 28 covers with the relevant P stamp, cachet of the relevant Australian Postmark, a cachet of a Chinese postmark and a cachet of Stadium Australia with a stylised figure of the relevant sport.

2000 Chinese Gold Medalist Cover

The China Philatelic Corporation also issued 28 covers for each Gold Medal Sport. 8 of the covers show Stadium Australia. The remaining covers show the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and The Great Wall.

2000 Chinese Gold Medalist Cover

The back of the postcard showed the China Symbol for the 2008 games.

2000 Chinese Gold Medalist Cover

China participated in 24 of the 28 sports. China Post issued 24 postcards for each sports delegation. 11 of the covers showed Stadium Australia in the background.

Sport Postcards of Stadium Australia Date Medal Date Cachet Date CDS

  Athletes Covers

Men's 3m Springboard 26/9 26/9 28/9 Xong Ni
Women's 10m Platform 28/9 28/9 29/9 Li Na & Sang Xue
Men's 3m Springboard Synchronised 28/9 28/9 29/9 Xiao Haliiang & Xong Ni
Women's 3m Springboard 28/9 28/9 30/9 Fu Mingxia
Men's 10m Platform 30/9 30/9 2/10 Tian Liang
Women's 20 Kilometre Walk 28/9 28/9 29/9 Wang Liping
Mixed Doubles 21/9 21/9 22/9 Zhang Jun & Gao Ling
Women's Singles 22/9 22/9 24/9 Gong Zhichao
Women's Doubles 23/9 23/9 25/9 Ge Fei & Gu Jun
Men's Singles 23/9 23/9 25/9 Ji Xinpeng
Artistic Gymnastics Men's Team 18/9 18/9 20/9 Yang W, Li X, Zheng Li, Xing A,  Xiao J & Huang X
Women's Artistic Beam 25/9 25/9 26/9 Liu Xuan
Men's Artistic Parallel Bars 25/9 25/9 26/9 Li Xiaopeng
Women's half heavyweight 21/9 21/9 23/9 Tang Lin
Women's heavyweight 22/9 22/9 24/9 Yuan Hua
Modern Pentatholon
Women's 10m Air Pistol 17/9 17/9 18/9 Tao Luna
Men's 10m Air Rifle 18/9 18/9 19/9 Cai Yalin
Men's 10m Air Pistol 22/9 22/9 23/9 Yang Ling
Women's 49kg 30/9 30/9 2/10 Chen Zhong
Table Tennis
Women's Doubles 22/9 22/9 24/9 Wang Nan & Li Ju
Men's Doubles 23/9 23/9 25/9 Wang Liqin & Tan Sen
Women's Singles 24/9 24/9 26/9 Wang Nan
Men's Singles 25/9 25/9 27/9 Kong Linghui
Women's Featherweight 18/9 18/9 19/9 Yang Xia
Women's Light Heavyweight 19/9 19/9 20/9 Lin Weining
Women's Middleweight 19/9 19/9 20/9 Chen Xiaomin
Women's Super Heavyweight 22/9 22/9 23/9 Ding Meiyuan
Men's Middleweight 22/9 22/9 24/9 Zhan Xugang
The breaking up of the medalists into various sports eg Weightlifting, relate to the Australia Post Cachet, the same as the Australian Postmarks for the Games. The Chinese cachet is more related to the individual sport in which the medal was won.