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WAFL Competition

The first recorded match was played between the Fourteenth Foot Regiment from Hobart and a group of locals on the Bishop Collegiate school grounds. The match took two days and was won by the military.

Clubs were slowly formed in the early 1880s, including the Swans Club in 1883, culminating in the formation of the Western Australian Football Association in 1885. The association was made up of three clubs, Fremantle Union, Victorians and Rovers.

The first game was played on the 6th June between Victorians and Rovers.1886 saw the splitting of Fremantle Union into Union and Fremantle. 1898 saw the formation of East Perth and 1899 South Fremantle.

In 1906 the association celebrated its 21st Birthday with six clubs, West Perth, South Fremantle, East Fremantle, Perth, Subiaco and East Perth. In 1926 they were joined by Claremont and in 1934 by Swan Districts. The league changed its name to Westar Rules and added "Peel Thunder" to the above eight teams. The league then reverted back to beig the WAFL.

  1982 WAFL Cover

The 1982 Grand Final was commemorated by an overprint of the 27c Kangaroo Paw PSE with PM 923 and by a cover produced by Frankston Stamps (top) This cover was one of a series of covers including 1 Cover with the VFL Logo and logos of each club, 12 covers with the logos of each VFL club, all with VFL Grand Final PM (APM12220) and the above cover with the WAFL Logo, the logos of the WAFL clubs and the WAFL Grand Final PM (APM12110). 9,285 cancels were applied to all types of covers. All were displayed in a special Folder. The same cover was also postmarked by the 125th Anniversary PM.

Swan Districts defeated Claremont 18.19.127 to 11.12.78

  1985 WAFL Cover

The Grand Final in the Centenary Year, 1985, was commemorated by a special cover and Postmark (PM 1235). 4,493 envelopes were cancelled. One of the covers commemorated Haydn Bunton Jnr who led the Swans to their first Cup in 1961.

In a close fought match East Fremantle defeated Subiaco by only 5 points to take the Centenary flag with a score of 15.12.102 to 14.13.97

East Fremantle, the most successful team in the West with 28 premierships celebrated its Centenary in 1997 with release of 2 Commemorative covers and Postmark (PM 2043). One showed the Centenary Crest and the other the old crests. Havilah Enterprises also released a commemorative cover.

East Fremantle also played off in the 1997 Westar Grand Final but went down to South Fremantle. 100 covers were privately produced by Havilah Enterprises to commemorate the 1997 Grand Final.

East Fremantle were more successful in 1998 defeating West Perth. 50 covers were privately produced by Havilah Enterprises to commemorate the 1998 Grand Final.

On 19th September 2004 at Subiaco the home side defeated Claremont in the WAFL Grand Final. A Commemorative Cover was released by First Class Collectables.

East Fremantle defeated Claremont by 56 pts at the Grand Final played at Subiaco on the 18th September 2005. A Commemorative Cover  was released by First Class Collectables.

On the 22nd June 2006 Steve Marsh were inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame.

Postcard from the Past

Front of Postcard

Back of Postcard

The above KGV Postcard is posted Perth on 1 Oct 3? to Mr B Walkemeyer  from the WAFL Secretary, Mr WR Orr, advising him that he has been appointed to act as umpire on the Perth Oval on the next Saturday.

Review of WAFL records show that Mr B Walkemeyer  only umpired one game on 15th May 1926 when Claremont played East Fremantle at the Show Grounds. (Thanks to Steve Davies).