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Updated: 27/09/2009

2002 Personalised Stamps

The Western Bulldogs Football Club personalised stamps featured a landscape A4 sheet with 20 sun, sand and sky p stamps with the Southern Cross with the clubs top 20 players displayed in the selvedge. The sheet surrounds featured the Bulldogs and AFL logos and the names of the players.

The players featured are

Top Row

Chris Grant Daniel Bandy Nathan Brown Matthew Croft
2nd Row Luke Darcey Paul Dimittina Nathan Eagleton Simon Garlick
3rd Row Dan Giansiracusa Ben Harrison Kingsley Hunter Brad Johnson
4th Row Steven Kretiuk Tony Liberatore Jordan McMahon Robert Murphy
Bottom Luke Penny Matthew Robbins Rohan Smith Scott West
First Class Collectables issued FDCs for the 20 Western Bulldogs team members.