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Updated: 07/10/2009

Centenary 1892-1992

1992 Collimgwood Centenary Cover

Collingwood celebrated it's Centenary in 1992 by the issue of a special cover and commemorative postmark (APM24310) and the introduction of a permanent pictorial postmark (APM24320) on the 11th March 1992. This shows the front of the commemorative cover with the 45c Young Endeavour stamp cancelled by the commemorative postmark and the cover also bearing the permanent pictorial postmark.

1996 Collimgwood Centenary Cover

The Permanent Pictorial Postmark was available until the 22nd April 1996 when it was replaced by PMP 635. Interestingly the AFL Centenary Cover was not issued until 23rd April 1996 but the above cover was issued by Australia Post as the change in location of the postmark from Collingwood to Abbotsford was not announced prior to the change.